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Some of the benefits of QWO® include:

QWO® is currently the only FDA-approved treatment available for adult women with cellulite. QWO® targets the connective tissue between the skin and muscle to reduce cellulite. There is no question that cellulite can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Up until recently, it was impossible to get rid of cellulite permanently. The revolutionary QWO® injectable cellulite treatment can now be used to treat moderate to severe cellulite on the buttocks and thighs. Using QWO® may be an excellent option for you if you want to get rid of your cellulite. This treatment targets the fibrous bands causing cellulite and pulling down the skin. Through collagenases, QWO®’s blend breaks down fibrous bands and smooths cellulite.

At Modern Looks Med Spa, we use QWO® to smooth out fibrous bands under your skin’s surface to help reduce cellulite.

Contact Modern Looks Med Spa today for a free consultation with one of our professional team members to see if QWO® is for you. Please give us a call at 404-480-4015, or you can book an appointment right on our website.


QWO is the only FDA-approved injectable that is approved for treating moderate to severe cellulite in adults.

Cellulite begins to reduce within a week or two, but the reduction can last up to ten weeks.

QWO® treatments should produce results that last at least a year.
It usually takes as little as only ten minutes to complete a QWO® treatment. Since there is no general anesthesia, patients can drive themselves to and from treatment sessions.
We recommend that you avoid vigorous exercise after your QWO® appointment. However, you may gradually resume your regular daily routine. If you have booked several treatments, you may want to avoid traveling or strenuous activity.
While there may be some bruising, you should have little or no downtime.
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