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MOXI™ treats and improves the following:

MOXI Sandy Springs, GA

Sciton’s MOXI™ Laser provides a revolutionary non-ablative laser technology for skin resurfacing. By delivering fractionated laser energy to the skin in a comfortable manner, it can help reduce unwanted pigment, correct uneven pigmentation, and rejuvenate skin tone and texture. The procedure has minimal recovery or downtime and is much gentler than some of the more aggressive laser treatments. With MOXI™, you can experience the benefits of laser resurfacing without the risks and discomfort that can come with more extreme procedures.

MOXI™ is the perfect laser for everyone! It’s designed to work on all skin types, any time of year, so younger patients just starting a skincare routine and individuals wanting to refresh their appearance without downtime can both benefit. What’s more, its gentle technology and minimal recovery time make it a great choice for ongoing skin maintenance, helping you keep your skin looking flawless.

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MOXI™ is a fast and easy procedure that takes less than 30 minutes with little-to-no downtime and simple post-care, allowing you to apply makeup 24 hours after the treatment.

MOXI™ is a gentle laser treatment with little to no discomfort. The sensation experienced during the treatment is usually a slight pricking sensation in the treated area; however, this can be reduced through the use of a topical numbing cream if desired. Most people find the treatment to be very tolerable without the need for numbing.

The number of corrective treatments needed to achieve desired results will vary depending on the patient’s goals and the damage’s severity. Generally, a patient will undergo 3-4 corrective sessions and then opt for regular maintenance treatments to maintain the results. With a customized plan tailored to the patient’s individual needs, these treatments can help to restore and maintain a youthful, healthy look.

Yes,  MOXI™  is safe for all Skin Tones.

MOXI™ Laser treatments require little to no downtime but it is recommended to say out direct sunlight for about a week. After the treatment, your skin will likely appear pink and warm, which can persist for the rest of the day. The treated skin cells will slough away over the next few days, leaving you with roughness or sandiness.

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