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BBL Hero Laser

BBL Hero IPL Laser
BBL is customizable to treat and improves the following:
BBL customizable that treats and improves the following:
BBL Hero IPL Laser Sandy Springs, GA

It’s time to get the skin you love on your whole body. BBL Hero is a state-of-the-art technology that revitalizes your skin and corrects the appearance of pigment issues, sun damage, and age spots anywhere on the face and body. BBL Hero treatment can dramatically improve your skin’s texture and tone and gives you radiant and clear skin anywhere on your face or body.

Broadband Light (BBL) High Energy Rapid Output (Hero) is a phototherapy device that improves overall skin appearance. The advanced laser treatment targets and treats visible signs of aging and skin conditions that make you look older.

BBL, or intense pulsed light, was introduced almost twenty years ago for sun damage; now, BBL Hero is the next generation with more advanced and effective technology that uses nine different wavelengths to deliver quick pulses of light into the top layers of your skin. The pigment in your skin absorbs the laser light, and the sun, dark spots, and other pigmentation issues are destroyed in seconds.

BBL Landing 1
BBL Landing 1

BBL Hero Laser FAQs

BBL Hero delivers dramatic results on the face and body, treatments are 4x faster and 3x more powerful than other phototherapy lasers, and BBL treatment is comfortable.

The BBL Hero device includes CoolComfort™ technology.

Most patients see results in just one session but 2-3 is recommended to fully improvie that area we are treating. Treatments are spaced four to six weeks apart.

There is little to no downtime with the BBL Hero. Minor redness or swelling is possible for up to five days, but it does not hinder your daily activities.

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