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Does the QWO Really Work? All You Need To Know About It

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The appearance of lumpy and dimpled skin called cellulite is inevitable despite diets and exercises, as these fat deposits underneath the skin are already part of our DNA. Qwo is the first and only FDA-approved injectable and prescription medicine used to treat moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. This treatment contains two types of collagen-degrading enzymes that eat away at the fibrous bands (or fibrous septae) connecting skin to muscle, gradually dissolving the tethers that cause dimpling allowing the skin to float back up and smooth out.

As a matter of fact, QWO has become a groundbreaking treatment as there hasn’t been anything like this before in the beauty enhancement market. It helps get rid of cellulite at its source, rather than through massage, radiofrequency, or the norm topical products; instead, it targets explicitly the connective bands, called fibrous septae, underneath the skin’s surface. In cellulite, these bands are extra stiff, which causes tension as fat cells push against the skin and create a ripple effect.

How Does QWO Treatment Work?

The QWO treatment starts when a doctor injects the solution directly into the cellulite as part of the process. Next, it releases the fibrous bands and redistributes the fat cells, smoothening the affected area. The injections in QWO are minimally invasive to treat cellulite, giving patients healthier-looking skin without requiring them to go under the knife.

The following ways help counteract cellulite when using the QWO injections:

  • It helps release fibrous bands that contribute to cellulite.
  • It redisperses fat cells after breaking the fibrous bands.
  • It promotes the production of collagen. 

One treatment consists of up to 12 injections. It can require up to three sessions, with 21 days separating each session. Moreover, the process only takes 10-20 minutes, allowing patients to carry on with their day in under an hour.

What Are The Benefits Of QWO?

In QWO treatment, patients recover from the procedure almost immediately, unlike other cellulite treatments on the market. There is virtually no downtime, and the injections are nearly painless. Most people report a severe reduction in cellulite and enjoy a smoother buttock shortly after completing the procedure. 

QWO cellulite treatment allows anyone to reap the benefits of invasive cellulite treatments and surgical procedures without dealing with the side effects and lengthy recovery times. It’s a simple procedure that can give a cellulite-free buttock in three months or less. Below are some other benefits of QWO cellulite treatment:

  • FDA-approved;
  • Minimal discomfort during and after the procedure;
  • Safe and effective.

Who Are Good Candidates For QWO Treatment?

Great candidates for QWO treatment are those with moderate to severe cellulite in the bum or thighs. These treatments have been shown to improve cellulite appearance dramatically.

Women are sadly more likely to have cellulite than men, and it affects women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and races. This treatment is an excellent option for anyone suffering from unsightly cellulite.

However, QWO treatment is not recommended for those allergic to collagenase or any of the ingredients in QWO or who have an active infection in the treatment area.

What Are The Procedure Instructions?

Pre-Procedural Instructions

  • Avoid consuming alcohol or smoking 48 hours before treatment.
  • Avoid anti-inflammatory/blood-thinning medications, like NSAIDs, Aspirin, Fish Oil, Vitamin E, Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, and St. John’s Wart, as these medications can increase or worsen bruising.
  • Over-the-counter Arnica tablets may be taken 1 week before injections to help lessen the severity of bruising.
  • Preferable to wear thong underwear during treatment. Disposable underwear is usually provided.

Post-Procedural Instructions

  • Avoid consuming alcohol or smoking 48 hours post-treatment.
  • Physical activity or exercise must be avoided within 48 hours after treatment.
  • The application of ice may be applied to the area for the first two days after treatment, followed by warm compresses afterward to help with soreness.
  • Swelling and bumps should improve over the next few days.
  • Bruising takes time to reabsorb into the tissue and may take 10-14 days to resolve.
  • Most importantly, do not rub or massage the treatment area.

How Does QWO Treatment Compare To Other Cellulite Treatments?

One of the other highly effective cellulite treatments is Cellfina, an FDA-approved and has been around since 2015. However, Cellfina is a more invasive procedure that uses a device that sticks needles into the skin to break up the fibrous bands, but it may cause a lot of trauma, cellulite is not as targeted, and there’s a lot of downtime for the patient.

On the other hand, Cellulase is the other major cellulite treatment on the market. This FDA-approved laser-based surgical procedure requires local anesthesia, cuts the fibrous bands, and stimulates collagen. Since it’s the first of its kind, this is an injection that a patient can just do during lunchtime.

Besides those, massage and radiofrequency-based treatments, such as EmTone and Velashape, stimulate collagen with a combo of physical manipulation of the skin and heat. These two loosen things up without breaking the bands radically, so they don’t address the root cause and are not long-lasting, and typically require four to six treatments once or twice a year to maintain results.

What Are QWO’s Side Effects?

QWO’s common side effects include injection site bruising, pain, areas of hardness, itching, redness, discoloration, swelling, and warmth in the treatment area. Other side effects could also be allergic (hypersensitivity) reactions, including anaphylaxis. In this case, call the healthcare provider right away if experiencing hives, trouble breathing, low blood pressure, swollen face, chest pain, dizziness, or fainting after receiving QWO.

Before receiving QWO, patients must tell the healthcare provider in case of any history of bleeding problems, are pregnant or may become pregnant, nursing, or plan to nurse. This is when patients and healthcare providers decide whether they can receive QWO or not.

Remember to tell the healthcare provider about all the medicines taken, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Most significantly, tell the healthcare provider if taking a medication that prevents blood clotting (antiplatelet or anticoagulant).

What Is The Recovery Time?

The shot experience is similar to other injectables, like Botox or fillers, and requires no anesthesia. It’s quick, relatively painless, and 30 minutes after, patients can even resume their daily activities.

How Long Does The QWO Treatment Last?

QWO requires three sessions, and patients see results quickly in as little as three to six weeks. For many cellulite treatments, even surgical options, the results fade after just a few months as the septae fibers grow back (and they will always grow back), which can be highly discouraging considering the price tag on in-office invasive procedures. 

Final Thoughts

Getting the QWO treatment for your cellulite will greatly affect your selfesteem. Modern Looks Med Spa offers QWO Treatment which can treat those frustrating dimples blazoning the backsides of women of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities.

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